Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Regency Christmas Proposals by Gayle Wilson, Amanda McCabe, and Carole Mortimer

I love Regency Christmas romances. I’m not sure why this is my favorite type of Christmas novel, but it is!

Regency Christmas Proposals contains three great regency Christmas romance novellas for an overall highly enjoyable experience. I will discuss each novella separately.

The Soldier’s Christmas Miracle by Gayle Wilson
Guy Wakefield was seriously wounded while fighting Napoleon on the continent. He was nursed and inspired by a mystery woman whose words of encouragement helped him to carry on and recover. Guy spends the next five years searching for this mysterious woman. Isabella Stowe is this woman. Mrs. Stowe is the widow of her great love, William, and is having a rough time financially. She is not sure why someone of Wakefield’s social status would visit her, and when she finds out about his gratitude, she lets him know that she would have done the same for any wounded man. Wakefield and Mrs. Stowe feel an immediate attraction to one another, but Isabella doesn’t want a relationship founded on gratitude and social inequity. Can Guy convince her of his love?

I really loved this story. I loved the unique plotline and both characters. I wouldn’t mind reading more about these two!

Snowbound and Seduced by Amanda McCabe
Mary Bassington, Lady Derrington, was once a young woman in love with a man named Dominick. Unfortunately Dominick rejected her and moved on to live the life of a rack. Mary married Lord Derrington and lived a passionless life that was brightened by the birth of a young son. After the death of first her husband, and then her son, Mary is trying to move on and spend a good Christmas with her young sister Ginny. When Ginny elopes with Dominick’s cousin, Mary enlists Dominick’s help to find the couple. Mary and Dominick discover they still have feelings for each other and that things may not have been what they seemed in their younger days.

Once again, I loved this story for the unique plot lines and great characters. Mary and Dominick were both fantastic. And who doesn’t love a story about second chances at love?

Christmas at Mulberry Hall by Carole Mortimer
Lord Gideon Grayson decides to visit the estate left to him upon his brother’s death . . . two and a half years later. His young ward, Amelia Ashford, has been living alone at this estate during this time with only her companion and servants. Grayson discovers that Amelia is not the young girl he thought she was and is instead a very attractive young woman that he finds hard to resist.

While this story was good, it wasn’t as great as the other two stories.

Overall, Regency Christmas Proposals is a great ensemble of Christmas stories.

Book Source: I received this book for Christmas from my best friend Jenn. Thanks Jenn!


  1. All three sound such nice reads.

  2. I love Regency novels as well. Christmas proposals are just like icing on the cake. Great review!