Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Plum Lovin’ by Janet Evanovich (Audiobook)

Plum Lovin’ in the second in the “between-the-novels” of the Stephanie Plum series. The between-the-novel books are holiday themed and Plum Lovin’ is set during the Valentine’s Day season.

Stephanie Plum, whose own love life is a mess, becomes a matchmaker. The mysterious Diesel has shown back up and offers Stephanie a deal. In order to help her find her big ticket bond item, Annie Hart, Stephanie has to help out Annie’s lovelorn clients. Then Diesel will tell Stephanie where Annie is located.

Plum Lovin’ was a quick enjoyable Stephanie Plum novel, but not up to par with the regular books in the series. I like the character of Diesel, but having a third love interest for Stephanie is really too much. I don’t think we need a “white Ranger” as Lula calls him. That being said, I think that it’s important to read the between-the-novels books to get important parts of the story that aren’t in the regular books. For instance in Plum Lovin’ Lula and Tank get together and Stephanie’s Sister Valerie and Albert Klown finally get married.

My favorite quote in this book was the following:

"Stephanie,' Valerie said.’She's going to have a baby, and she's getting married.' My father was confused. He looked around the room. No Joe. No Ranger. His eyes locked on Diesel. 'Not the psycho,' he said. Diesel blew out a sigh. My father turned to my mother. 'Get me the carving knife. Make sure it's sharp."

Stephanie’s dad is a man of few words. Having him finally speak out was hilarious and made me laugh out loud.

I listened to the audiobook version of this novel as read by Lorelei King. King is one of the best audiobook readers that I have listened to. She has great distinctive voices for all of the characters and makes it a fun “read.” I think out of all of the audiobooks I’ve listened too, Janet Evanovich and Jane Austen novels are among the best books adapted to that medium.

I listened to this novel for the Stephanie Plum reading challenge. I only have book left to go – Plum Lucky!

Audiobook Source: The Kewaunee Public Library


  1. Thanks so much for those kind words! It was a fun book to record - I hope you enjoy Plum Lucky! :o) x Lorelei

  2. I've listened to several in this series on audio and agree it's a great way to experience Stephanie.

  3. Thank-you for stopping by Lorelei King! I've really enjoyed your readings of the Stephanie Plum series!