Friday, November 18, 2011

Victorian Challenge 2012

I had a very scientific poll on this blog last month with the question of what challenge should be on Laura’s Reviews for 2012. I talked about bringing back the All About the Brontes Challenge, or opening it up to new authors. From the comments and poll, I gathered that most people would like to have a broader challenge where the Brontes can be celebrated along with other authors.

The poll results were as follows: Victorian (31%), Gothic Fiction (23%), All About the Brontes (23%), 19th Century Authors (15%), and Women of Suspense (8%). Victorian had a narrow victory, and I am excited to have a new challenge for next year.

I need help from my loyal readers for this challenge. I will post a sign-up in December, but one of my problems is my lack of artistry. I’m an engineer and I’ll admit to appreciating art, but I have an inability to produce beautiful graphics unless they are detailed diagrams of sewers or streams. If any of my artistic readers would like to put together a logo for this challenge, I would really appreciate it.

For the Victorian Challenge, we will focus on the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901. I think we will count books that were written by Victorian authors during this time period, books set during the Victorian age, or books about a Victorian author, history, manners, architecture, etc. Also besides reading books, short stories, audiobooks and movies will also be accepted. The sky is the limit; I would love to make this a true celebration of all things Victorian.

I would also like to challenge myself to have one Victorian author to focus on for each month of 2012. I will post something about that author each month and will read, listen, or watch something related to that author as well. Fellow challenge goers can join me if they would like, or can take the challenge in any direction that they choose. I need help choosing these twelve authors. I’m going to post a large poll on my right sidebar with various authors from this time period. Pick the top authors that you would like to see focus on with this challenge! If your favorite Victorian author is not included in the poll, please leave a comment below.

Please leave any comments for what you would like to see in the Victorian Challenge 2012 to make it a fun and exciting challenge. I appreciate all comments and tips. Stay tuned for a sign-up for this challenge to appear in December!


  1. Looking forward to celebrating the Victorian period in 2012, Laura!
    Joanne @ Books, Belles and Beaux

  2. This is a wonderful challenge. I love this period in time. Would it be hard to bring in guest authors who write about this time period and maybe even non-fiction pieces about social matters of the time?

    Sounds fun!

  3. Laura, it sounds as if you have this well figured out. I look forward to (hopefully!) participating in this reading challenge (at least a bit). :)

  4. I did not vote but I hope in 2012 to read the remaining Bronte novels on my list-The Professor and Shirley-I would have voted to keep the focus on the Bronte's but I like your idea of one writer a month a lot. I will participate in the challenge again in 2012.

  5. This is a lovely idea! (though I don't have a blog, I'll love to come here and read how everyone is doing.:))

    For "Other" may I also suggest Margaret Oliphant, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, and Charlotte M Younge?


  6. Elizabeth Gaskell is in this period, I think. Excellent, can't wait! :) Got some classics lined up already.

  7. okay, I've been trying to decide about challenges for next year...I'm thinking this is one I may have to give in and join :o) LOVE IT!