Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Let Us Dream by Pope Francis


Title:  Let Us Dream

Author: Pope Francis

Read by:  Arthur Morey

Publisher: Simon Audio

Length: Approximately 4 hours and 5 minutes

Source: Review Copy from Simon Audio.  Thank-you! 

Let Us Dream was the perfect book to listen to during Holy Week and is a perfect read for our troubled times.   Pope Francis has a call to Catholics to apply their faith to help out with modern problems including COVID, racism, and the environment.

The book is divided into three parts; a time to see, to choose, and to act.  Pope Francis talks through what was currently happening last year including COVID, George Floyd, the destruction of statues, populism, etc. and puts them into a faith perspective.  He overall talked about his experiences and Biblical passages to put everything into perspective.  His overall message was that we need to put aside our differences and start caring for people as individuals. 

I found this audiobook to be uplifting and thoughtful.   Arthur Morey was a great narrator, and I enjoyed the afterword where it was discussed how conversations with the Pope were the driving force on putting this book together.

Favorite Quote: 

“We need a movement of people who know we need each other, who have a sense of responsibility to others and to the world. We need to proclaim that being kind, having faith, and working for the common good are great life goals that need courage and vigor, while glib superficiality and the mockery of ethics have done us no good. The modern era, which has developed equality and liberty with such determination, now needs to focus on fraternity with the same drive and tenacity to confront the challenges ahead. Fraternity will enable freedom and equality to take its rightful place in the symphony.”

Overall, Let Us Dream is an inspirational book perfect for today.  I highly recommend it.

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