Sunday, February 21, 2021

Alicia Alonso Takes the Stage by Nancy Ohlin (Rebel Girls)

 Penelope and I have been enjoying the Rebel Girls series of chapter books about strong women who made a difference in the world.

 I had never heard of Alicia Alonso before reading this book and I enjoyed learning her story.  Alonso was a famous ballerina originally from Cuba.  As an adult she lost her sight, but she kept working towards her dream and became a world-famous ballerina.  Her story was very inspiring.  Penelope and I liked the illustrations and how the story started with Alicia as a child and followed her through adulthood.  We even found movies of her on YouTube to watch her dance.  We loved that she also taught others how to dance and kept on dancing into her old age at a professional level.

 Overall, Alicia Alonso Takes the Stage is a motivational story of a sight impaired woman who followed her dreams to become a famous ballerina.

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  1. Laura, this book sounds lovely. I'd not heard of this dancer, either, before venturing here. Seems like a great choice to share with a young daughter!