Wednesday, January 20, 2021

In Search of Wisdom: Life-Changing Truths in the Book of Proverbs by Joyce Meyer

 In Search of Wisdom is a beautiful and thought-provoking study of the book of Proverbs.  It should be read in conjunction with the Biblical book of Proverbs.  I have always though the book of Proverbs was solely written by Solomon, but I learned in the introduction that Solomon wrote the first twenty-nine Proverbs except for a bit in the middle written by two sages.  A man named Agur wrote Chapter 30 and King Lemuel wrote Chapter 31.  What is the book of Proverbs?  “The Book of Proverbs is considered the Bible’s book of wisdom, and it deals with both the practical and spiritual issues of life.”

 In Search of Wisdom has a chapter for each book of Proverbs.  Each chapter explains the main principles that are included in the book of Proverbs and provides some questions to make you think about how it applies to your own life.  In the introduction, Meyers discusses what she believes are the seven foundational principles that are found throughout the book of Proverbs.  These foundational principles include wisdom, understanding, prudence, knowledge, and discretion, discernment, and the fear of the Lord.  I like how the first book of Wisdom taught that “but fools despise wisdom and instruction.”  I also like how Meyers brought scripture in from the New Testament to explain some of the Proverbs.

 I had not read Proverbs for quite awhile and they have so many good tips.   They focus a lot on not committing adultery, but there are other great tips such as not cosigning for someone else’s debt, not being a false witness who lies, not being lazy, having integrity, choosing your friends wisely, being happy with your life etc.  They are good standards to live by to be a decent human being.

 I thought the discussion on Proverb 13 on sparing the rod and spoil the child was interesting.  It said that too many parents used this as an excuse to beat your child, but it just means that you need to discipline your child.  It said that rod was one that shepherds used to tap the legs of sheep if they veered off the path.  I have heard this phrase often, but I never knew the true meaning behind it.

 Favorite Quotes:

“Always keep your word.  If you tell someone you will call them back, meet them at a certain time, or do something for them, then do it.”

 Overall, In Search of Wisdom is a good supplement to the book of Proverbs and gives the reader a lot to think about to live life as a good and faithful person.  I recommend it.

 Book Source:  Review Copy from Hachette Faithwords.  Thank-you!

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